Weston County Children's Center
Region III Developmental Services

Mission Statement
& Values

 Our Mission

is to provide early childhood education

appropriate to each individual child.
Our Values

     The Weston County Children's Center/Region III Developmental Services
(WCCC/Region III) provides early care and education programs in safe and healthy environments that:

  • Consider each child's total development and individual needs and interests.
  • Embrace a comprehensive vision of health.
  • Offer repeated opportunities to discover, explore, be challenged, and problem solve through direct experience.
  • Encourage diverse experiences that require making choices which lead to independence.
  • Provide care and learning experiences through facilitators and early interventionists who protect and ensure each child's right of freedom to learn.
  • Increase each family's understanding of child development and provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their child's program.
  • Provide maximum opportunites for children with and without disabilites to play, learn, and interact with each other in a developmentally approptiate and inclusive environment.
  • Recognize that each child and family is unique by honoring their beliefs, cultural, linguistic, racial, and socioeconomic diversity.
  • Build a community in which each child and adult is treated as an individual and they have a sense of belonging to the WCCC/Region III program.